What is Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

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Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome (TDS) or known by the term menopause to men,it is not only disturb the sex life of couples. However, it also affects the confidence of men.

TDS is caused when the testes which produce testosterone are not functioning normally, or if the production of hormones in the body are generally not balanced. Testosterone is not only important to the vitality and sex drive for men, but testosterone is also important to maintain muscle strength, bone health, positive mood and energy levels.

Too little testosterone can cause weight gain, hair loss, facial, body and joint pain. Low testosterone also causes hot body, but doctors are not sure of the reason.Based on the news that was launched from Dailymail, Tuesday (04/27/2010).

Although it can occur at any age, particularly TDS is affecting older people. A study at the University of Sheffield shows, 10 percent of men over the age of 50 years affected by TDS (the people with heart disease and diabetes type 2, the figure is 17 percent), some estimates are that 840 000 people in the UK suffer from it.

“In fact, male menopause is a little mistake,” said Hugh Jones, professor ofAndrology at Sheffield University, one of the leading experts in the UK.

This is simply because not all men will be menopausal (unlike that experienced by menopausal women.) No matter what is the name, Professor Jones is one of several experts who believe it is important to treat low testosterone. The reason is related to men’s health.

A study in 2007 which is held by Faculty of Medicine, University of California San Diego found that men with low testosterone levels are more likely to die sooner because of many reasons. This may be due to low testosterone cause people to gain weight in middle age, the possibility of increased risk of developing diabetes. In other words, causing increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Problems of testosterone to make everyone just thought it was a sex hormone, but actually affects other organs as well,” said Professor Jones.

Jones suggests that the research indicates testosterone could increase the body’s ability to eliminate excessive sugar levels, lower half of body weight, controlling diabetes, improving mood, so it has benefits for the heart.

Another major concern due to menopause make a man has the potential to destroy a relationship.

“Men with the TDS can not be bothered and have no interest in sex,” explained by Professor endocrinology and diabetes at St George’s Hospital, LondonDr Leighton Seal.

There are many women who suffer from the rejection of the partner’s sex. The women also believe that their partner no longer love them. In reality, her partner is suffered from TDS.

Advisor of relationships and sex from Saga magazine, Mary Clegg said, “Men with the TDS is not a classic thing that came to the age-old crisis. This is about the fear of a certain maturity, rather than physiological changes.”

After the age of 30, as much as one percent of testosterone is naturally decreased, per year. Some doctors argue, the decline in testosterone is just a normal part of aging and does not require long-term hormone treatment.

“As for short-term benefits of providing care in some men with low testosterone, such as improving welfare and sexual performance. But the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) still require a good long-term studies,” said Marc Pierre Bouloux, professor of endocrinology at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

However, not all men can be infected by TDS. The reason, some men have a lower risk. Lifestyle such as obesity, or lack of exercise becomes the most factor to trigger a man suffering from menopause.

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