Calculating Your HCG Diet Phase 2 Weight Loss

  • In my years of coaching patients and working with more than half a dozen physicians, I have never included "loading weight" as part of the patient's "total weight loss". Loading weight is what I consider to be "artificial" weight gained and should not be included in the total weight lost. Here is how to accurately chart your daily progress:


    Day 1 170 load

    Day 2 173 load

    Day 3 175

    Day 4 169

    Day 5 167

    Day 6 166

    Day 7 165


    So by day 7, the dieter has lost 5 pounds, not 10.


    There are many dieters that include loading weight as part of their total weight loss. Although I do not support this method, perhaps there is some degree of a psychological benefit, by giving the dieter increased confidence to continue the challenges of weight loss.