How to make your Journey more Informative

  • The hcg is challenging.  It's goal is not only to help you lose the

    weight but also to learn new skills that will hopefully help you keep it off.  So, what are some things you can do to develop new skills, collect new information,and develop a base of knowledge you can use throughout your life.

    • Purchase the 800 ebook AND read it.  Read it multiple times.  I have found that I glean something new from the point each time I read it.

    • Look through the FILES here at the Hcg Diet 800 calorie protocol.  The coaches and others have developed files of excellent information as well as questions that are asked again and again.

    • Keep learning, keep searching for new information, keep gathering recipes.  The hcg is merely the first part of a plan to lose weight.  Learning new skills is the next one, so we learn how to eat better and that better eating habits becomes easier so that the hcg weight loss itself becomes permanent.  After all, if we go back to our old habits, we will gain all that hcg weight loss back.